Handleless Kitchen: 5 Shocking Reasons Why You Need One

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Are you wondering if you should opt for a handleless kitchen? It may sound inconvenient at first, however, each ‘handleless’ kitchen system comes with its benefit. So, if you’re wondering if going handleless is the right choice, then check out our list below: 

5 Reasons Why You Need a Handleless Kitchen
1. No More Handles to Get in the Way

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Are you sick of bumping into cabinet handles? Especially when maneuvering in a small kitchen while carrying hot food! Don’t worry, your decision to go handleless takes off that dilemma on your list. Once you let go of your kitchen’s knobs and handles, you are one less pain away from cooking your meals.

2. Kid-Proof

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If you got kiddies running around the house causing adorable mayhem, then a handleless kitchen may help. As previously mentioned, handles can cause unlikely accidents. At the same time, it also tempts the little ones to grab and open your cabinets and drawers. So, it may be time to add a handleless kitchen to your baby proofing list. 

3. Fewer Decisions, Less Clutter

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Going handleless eliminates the dilemma of choosing one of the hardest items to decide when designing a kitchen—handles. So you can cross that off your main concerns. As you get rid of your kitchen handles, not only do you ensure safety but also improve your kitchen visually. This big decision will get rid of the extra visual clutter in your cooking space, therefore achieving a modernized kitchen. 

4. Sleek and Clean Lines

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Less clutter also means sleek and clean lines for your cabinetry. It’s recommended if you want a seamless look between your appliances and cabinets. Furthermore, a handleless kitchen promotes a smooth flow not only visually but also in terms of spatial relationships. 

This type of design can bridge compositions from your kitchen to the dining area. So it’s best suited for open-plan layouts. 

5. Keeping Up with the Kitchen Trends

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Did you know that handles are one of the obvious giveaways that a kitchen is outdated? If you don’t want to miss out on kitchen trends, then it’s best to go handleless. It promotes a streamlined design accompanied by minimalist and stylish features. 

So if you want a kitchen that’s satisfying not only in terms of functionality but also in the design itself, then what are you waiting for? 

Types of Handleless Application



Handleless w/ Rail System

So how does a handleless kitchen work? We’ll list the most used application below to guide you on what you’re looking for. 

Push-to-open Mechanism

It’s a type of mechanism that’s perfectly concealed behind your kitchen doors. You just need to push your drawers or cabinets for them to open. In addition, some variations come with soft close integration for smooth usage.

Now, how is this baby-proofed? Although there are no tempting knobs for kids to hold, it’s possible to access them by simply pushing. So it’s still advisable to add safety hardware to prevent this from happening.

J-Pull Kitchen Doors

Instead of handles, the door itself has recessed j-like gaps that are hidden from view. It’s either located on the bottom or top of the door. A kitchen using a j-pull will have ‘shadow gaps’ between the doors or above to allow your hands access.

Handleless Door with Rail System

This type of integration is often classified as a ‘true’ handleless system. Usually, this type of variation creates a space between the doors, drawer, or countertop. It allows your hand access behind the door and opens it. Unlike a j-pull that needs to be cut into the door, this is a much straightforward alternative. 

“Handleless designs offer not just one but five reasons why it’s a must-have. It’s a perfect choice if you want a kitchen that transcends functionality.”

Handleless Kitchen Inspiration

Photo from French Cabinetry

Photo from French Cabinetry

Now that we’re done listing the benefits and integrations, let’s skip to the fun part! Designing a handleless kitchen is exciting as it has numerous possibilities. If you’re at a loss where to start, we suggest exploring here for fresh ideas.

French Cabinetry offers a wide range of products to choose from. You can either choose a handleless kitchen design that has the following schemes. Do note that our choices are not limited to the samples below.

Get a Handleless Kitchen with French Cabinetry

We have to admit that a handleless kitchen truly offers a lot of tempting advantages. So, are you ready for your new handleless kitchen? With French Cabinetry, we’ll help you every step of the way to achieve all the things listed above and more!

As designers, it’s important to keep track of what’s in or not. So whatever design you may fancy, leave it to the professionals to deliver. At the same time, it’s possible to mix and match styles if you want a unique approach.

French Cabinetry strives to deliver only the best for our clients. So we only provide high-quality materials and tasteful design choices. All cabinetry types are tested rigorously for quality to ensure long-lasting outputs. 

The best part? Our cabinets’ wood and panels only come from sustainable resources. French Cabinetry works hard in maintaining its ‘green environmental footprint.’

Leave it to French Cabinetry to handle your kitchen glow-up from design to installation. We have professional installers with years of experience installing your kitchen system. So, just sit back and relax while certified installers take care of your cabinets with technical precision. 

Have Handleless Kitchen Concerns?

Are you wondering what type of handleless kitchen you want to achieve? Save yourself from the dilemma and schedule a FREE 1-hour consultation with French Cabinetry. You can choose the available slots in our calendar for a personal or digital consultation. Also, it’s up to you to pick which platform to use— Zoom, Google Meet, etc.

Other than scheduled consultations, you can opt to send your concerns by contacting us instead. Get in touch with French Cabinetry now and let’s discuss your dream kitchen.

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