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3960 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA94306

+1 (650) 384-6050
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French Cabinetry is a kitchen design and custom cabinetry company based in the Bay Area. We work directly with several high-end cabinet manufactures across Europe known for their high-quality materials and design work in the cabinet business. Each of our European partners were selected for their quality materials, their skilled craftsmanship, and technical precision. At French Cabinetry, we employ the same basic core principles to provide to you, a truly outstanding product.

Our oldest operational partner has been in business since 1948 and is established in the kitchen design market. They are known for their reputation of technical know-how and innovativeness. All of the cabinets we provide meet the standard of high end and luxury living, showcasing styles from either France or Italy. That means you have choices in materials and styles from across Europe.

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French Cabinetry not only provides kitchen cabinets, but also provides cabinets for the rest of your living space. We can design cabinets for your pantry as well as closet space to make the most of your living environment. Vanity cabinets are also available for your projects. Our cabinets can help transform any living area and provide the comfort and luxurious style you are looking for.

French Cabinetry works hard at maintaining it’s green environmental footprint and it is important that we work with others that share our values and commitment in great quality and services while taking a stand to protect our planet.

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Jam Iksoulene is the founder and managing director of French Cabinetry. Jam is highly experienced in luxury European cabinet install and design. He has been working with top European cabinet makers across Europe for over 15 years now and is dedicated to bringing high-end cabinetry lines to the United States.