7 Stunning Kitchen Lighting Ideas to Set Up the Mood

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Did you know that according to research lighting plays a huge role in improving mood and energy levels? This means that depending on the amount of lighting it can affect your concentration, appetite, focus, and other aspects that set up your daily life. Well, in this article, we gathered 7 stunning kitchen lighting ideas to set up your cooking mood! 

Primary Types of Light Temperature

Before we jump to the list of different kitchen lighting ideas, let’s have a quick overview of the 3 primary light temperatures. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the kitchen is the most critical area in your home. It’s the place where the most dangerous tasks happen, hence it requires levels of lighting. So it’s acceptable to consider installing many-layered lights for the ideal kitchen lighting.

Overall, layered lights simply mean mixing and matching different lighting temperatures to give any space more depth. It also applies to the type of integration and layout of the fixture. Unlocking your kitchen’s full lighting possibility allows you to utilize your space in more ways than one.

Cool Light (5000K- Above)

Cool light is more on the luminous side of the light spectrum. It’s often used for any area that needs to represent the real color of an object. So it is recommended for kitchens, workshops, and more. 

For example, if you need to check out if your ingredients are still good to use for cooking. In this case, lighting helps you differentiate spoiled food that may lead to the possibility of food poisoning. At the same time, using a light that provides real color in the kitchen will help those who rely on visuals while cooking.  

Natural Light (3000K-4900K)

If you’re not a fan of “too cool” or “too warm”, then natural light is your best pick. Natural light stands in the middle so it won’t alter your color perception. It’s great to use as kitchen lighting as it’s the area with the most critical tasks which involves sharp objects. 

So if you want suitable lighting for tasks that requires intense focus like peeling, cutting, or chopping then it’s best to opt for natural lighting.

Warm White Light (0-2900K)

Warm light is recommended if you want to add soft lighting to your kitchen. Although it’s usually used for other areas like the living room, it doesn’t hurt to add a warm and cozy tone to the kitchen. Especially if you integrate the warm light to accent your cabinets.

7 Kitchen Lighting Ideas

To get your creativity flowing, we listed 7 kitchen lighting integrations for you to choose from. Check out our list below: 

1. Inclined Under-cabinet Lighting

Photo from L&S Light (External)

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych (Built-in)

As the word ‘incline’ applies, inclined lighting simply means that it is set at a certain angle. It’s a great option if you don’t want the under-cabinet lighting directly hitting your counter. It also adds great mood lighting for your kitchen. There are two types of inclined under-cabinet lighting. 

2. Built-in

Photo from L&S Light 

If you want a seamless integration, then it’s best to choose built-in LED lighting. Unlike the previous example, this built-in LED light directly hits the counter. So it’s ideal to use for your designated work counter. 

3. Spotlight

Photo by French Cabinetry

Spotlights are recommended if you need a lot of lighting for your kitchen counter. For example, your usual place for food preparation. You can think of the spotlight as the ultimate task light. At the same time, we recommend using natural light or cool white so you could see the ‘true’ color of your ingredients.    

4. Lamp for Base Units

Photo from L&S Light

Photo by French Cabinetry

Other than undercabinet light integrations, we also have LED lamps for base units or drawers. It also comes with IR sensors that trigger the on and off switch when opened or closed. The best part? It offers an Emotion Dual Color LED source which allows variations from natural to warm white! So no need to worry ‘not seeing’ your favorite pot. 

5. Glass Shelves Lighting

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych

Want a futuristic kitchen? Then, a glass shelf with LED lighting should be your go-to integration. Not only does it add a futuristic aesthetic to your cooking space, but it also adds a dramatic flair. Especially if you choose floating glass shelves matched with cool-toned lighting. Get ready for a kitchen that looks straight out from a sci-fi movie. 

6. Under-mount Lighting

Photo from Pinterest

Photo by French Cabinetry

You can think of under-mount lighting as another futuristic integration that will liven up your kitchen’s aesthetics. This type of integration gives your kitchen counter a sci-fi flair. At the same time, you can utilize the lighting if you don’t want to turn off your lights at night. You can just leave the under-mount lighting on, problem solved!

7. Plinth Lighting

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych

Plinth lighting will be the last integration on our list as well as the last futuristic lighting option to choose from. Compared to glass shelves or under-mount lighting, this integration creates a ‘floating’ illusion for your kitchen counters. It purely functions as an ambient light that adds depth to a room. It’s a great go-to integration if you want to add some unique features to your kitchen.


“Lighting plays a huge role in changing a person’s perception in a room. To set up your cooking mood, playing with different lighting temperatures, integration, and layout will do the trick.”

Get Into Your ‘Cooking Mood’ with French Cabinetry

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This includes incorporating the type of ambiance you want your kitchen lighting to achieve. So leave all the technicalities to our vetted professionals. 

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In the end, each accomplished design has unique layouts and designs. You can browse our projects here to inspire you.

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Why stop at kitchen lighting ideas? We offer the best materials not only in quality but also in terms of environmental awareness. So take this as an opportunity to upgrade the aesthetic, organization, and function of your kitchen.


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